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Struggling with mortgage payments? Legal Advisor Group can help!

If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, or if you are at risk of foreclosure, it’s important to realize that there are options and resources available to you. Legal Advisor Group in Orange County specializes in Loan Modifications. A Loan Modification is an alteration to your current mortgage agreement that is designed to provide relief in the form of:

  • Lowered Interest rate
  • Extend the length of the mortgage loan term
  • Lower the Principal amount
  • Reduction of late fees/penalties
  • A fixed interest rate, as opposed to a variable interest rate

With several years of experience in the mortgage industry, Legal Advisor Group is well versed in Loan Modification procedure. Dealing directly with your lender can be frustrating if you are not familiar with the documents and terminology that are required for a Loan Modification. We are familiar with the documents, requirements, and regulations that are associated with the Loan Modification process and we have extensive experience communicating directly with lenders on our client’s behalf.

We Can Help Save You From Foreclosure

We know that falling behind on mortgage payments, or facing foreclosure can be an overwhelming and distressing circumstance. Legal Advisor Group is committed to using our extensive experience in the Loan Modification industry to help families and individuals overcome their financial hardships. We offer a free consultation so that we can put your mind at ease by helping you better understand your situation, as well as the options that are available to you. Once we have the facts pertaining to your particular circumstances, we will be able to devise a plan of action that will achieve the relief that you need.

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