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About Legal Advisor Group (LAG)

Legal Advisor Group (LAG) has been recognized by numerous non-profit Home Owner advocates as a “Top Trusted Firm“ for helping homeowners through their loan modification process.

With staff members holding over 7+ years of experience and over 6,500+ successful loan modification negotiated, you can be confident our experienced staff will work diligently on your case until resolution. Our commitment at Legal Advisor Group is to provide homeowners with honest and ethical advice, and help you make an informed and educated regarding your loan modification needs, as loan modification are not always the best remedy for all homeowners. Our ethical standards prohibit us from accepting clients unless they have a financial hardship, have a capacity to make a modified payment, and we believe they meet the necessary criteria based on HAMP/MHA guidelines, and previous experience with their current servicers.

At Legal Advisor Group (LAG) we understand how the uncertainty of the loan modification process can be stressful and overwhelming, as the outcome of any type of negotiations is uncertain. Anyone, including attorneys, who tell you otherwise or guarantees any type of specific result should be scrutinized very carefully. Legal Advisor Group (LAG) prides ourselves on our tremendous knowledge and experience to guide our clients through the process, we perform each and every service we contract with you to perform, under the direct supervision of experience staff members and underwriters that understand what numerical formulas must be utilized to ensure the file meets their servicer’s requirements for a loan modification.

Our goal is to provide you all the information you need, both the good and the bad, to help you understand the available remedies for you and your family.  If you don’t qualify for any of the programs, we will tell you, and tell you why!

We would be happy to schedule an in office visit or we can evaluate your situation over the phone if that is more convenient for you.  Call now!

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