Bank Negotiations


We deal with the hassle so you don’t have to

One of our most important attributes at Legal Advisor Group is our ability to negotiate directly with your lender to achieve the financial relief that you need. If you are facing foreclosure it’s critical to understand that time is limited, and action must be taken immediately. The more time we have to negotiate, the more options we have. Investing in professional representation ensures that you have the best chance of achieving your loan modification goals. Whether your goal is to lower the principal amount owed, extend the term of your loan, reduce the cost of late fees and penalties, or obtain a fixed interest rate, Legal Advisor Group can help you.

Legal Advisor Group will aggressively negotiate on your behalf to lower your payments, and secure your home. For an inexperienced person it can be frustrating trying to contact your lender while simultaneously trying to gather and prepare the documents that are needed to file for your loan modification. Not only can we help you obtain and fill out the requisite documents, but the experts at Legal Advisor Group know who to contact at your bank, and what to say, so that you don’t have to worry about waiting on hold or having your calls go unreturned. We take every measure we can to ensure that this is a low stress process for our clients.

Banks We Work With

If you don’t see your bank give us a call we will verify as to whether or not they participate in modification programs. 

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